Full Automatic Water Cup thermoForm Fill Seal Packaging Machine

Full Automatic Water Cup thermoForm Fill Seal Packaging Machine

$90,000 - $150,000 /- Unit

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Water cup packaging machine is the horizontal thermoforming packaging machine working properly in high capacities where the heating, forming, filing, sealing and cutting processes are applied in the systematic order. First, the form of the cups is given to the packaging material (PET whose thickness is available to form from 250 microns to 1200 microns) on the pre-heating and forming stations. Second, the drinking water is filled into the formed cups at the desired volumes. Third, the formed and filled cups are sealed and then the cutting process is applied where cross-cutting and longitudinal cutting are realized. Finally the formed, filled, sealed and cut water cups are sent to the product exit conveyor band.
– Depending on the customer’s request, carton line with the application of robot system eliminating your need for the labour force might be synchronized with the thermoforming packaging machine.
– The name of the producer company, production date and such similar information might be printed on the bottom part of the cups at the time of heating and forming process.
– It is possible to use printed packaging materials as the upper film. With the help of the photocell on the machine, the upper film is properly sealed on the cups.
– By taking the customer’s capacity requirement into consideration, the machine might be designed and produced under the different capacities as 6,8 or 10 cavities.
– The Speed of the Machine: max. 23 cycles / min. ( changes depending on the packaging material, product type, cup dimensions and weight.)
– The Capacity: min. 12.000 cups per hour ( for 10-cavity machine)
– Except the water, it is possible to fill the other products such as lemonade, Ayran, Fruit yoghurt, Fruit juice, turnip, etc…
– Bottom Film: PET (from 400 microns to 1200 microns)
– Upper Film: 12 micron Aluminium+ 12 PET thermo lacquer.



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