Double Face Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Double Face Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

$60 - $65 /- Unit

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Pallet Dimensions: 1.2m x 1.0m x 0.15m
Pallet Material: 100% Highly Elastic ( PP or HDPE )Material (Food Grade) with elastomer and performance improvement additives- FDA approved.
Pallet Static Load: 6000 Kg
Pallet Dynamic Load: 2500 Kg
Pallet Rack Load: 1200 Kg
Steel Reinforcing Bars: 8 electrostatic galvanised steel bars.
Colour: Blue or (Customised)
Expected Life Time (Years): 7 Years
Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects: 5 Years
Delivery: Ex-Works
Price in US Dollars
Usage: Forklift Only


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