Fabrication Products

Fabrication Products

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Fabrication Products

KAI have a fully functioning Fabrication Center where we are able to fabricate almost anything made out of plastic. Whether for infrastructure throughout Kuwait or for the personal needs of our customers we have the capacity and expertise to execute. The products that have come out of the fabrication center range from Manholes to Septic Tanks and Animal Feeders. Below you will find many examples of products we have custom made.


Our Capabilities



*Septic Tanks

*Water Fountains

*Animal Feeders

*Water Hubs

*Floating Islands

* Room (Duwaniya)





Welding according to standard DVS 2207-4


Raw Material


KAI maintains the same high standards with its fabrication items as it does with any other product that leaves our doors.
We use both EMDA 6147, and HE 3490LS for our items. These are both virgin HDPE of the highest quality.


This is an example of a Manhole we custom made for a customer based on his needs. Everything from the diameter of the Manhole, to the depth, to the diameter of the inlets and outlets, to how many inlets and outlets are required is 100% customizable. There are some restrictions that are made to maintain internationally recognized standards and quality.
5,300 USG Septic Tank designed for underground use. KAI use its already proven Corrugated Pipes, and turn them into a fully functional septic waste disposal system.
This Island was built for and used by Corniche Club. Its uses range from a place to rest while swimming at sea, or a relaxing fishing experience.
45 Elbow Fitting used for large diameter Corrugated Pipes. We are able to fabricate a wide range of fittings of all shapes and sizes.
An animal Feeder used in the agriculture industry.
Water Hub with automatic water dispensing using innovative solutions.


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