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Active Advance

A 100% Kuwaiti hygienic adult care brand with high international standards, necessary for adults with various conditions, such as incontinence & mobility impairment.
Advance Diaper Specifications
Advanced absorbent core
Advanced multi closing strips
Advanced witness indicator
Advanced protection barriers


Highly absorbent changing mats providing protection, comfort & security

Wet wipes

Hygienic soft wipes, Alcohol free for special skin care

Cotton roll

Hygienic cotton rolls 100% cotton, pure & gentle

Hand Sanitizer

Active sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs instantly without water, leaving your hands feeling refreshed.



Is a 100% Kuwaiti adult care products brand comes in a wide range of products (Diapers , shorts , underpads, wet wipes & cotton rolls), each with varying features and sizes

Adult diapers have tab closures that can be opened and closed during changing, resembles regular underwear and goes on as such
Active shorts are like underwear, helping reduce odor and have side panels that can be teared to make removal easy with functional built in protection
Water-proof covering disposable changing mats, providing from irritation by avoiding liquid contact with the skin during diapers/ shorts changing.
Wet wipes:
Hygienic wipes for adults with lotion to keep the skin moisturized
Cotton roll: 100% cotton, soft & gentle.

Hygienic cleansing gel helps elder people to avoid surround viruses, fungi, and bacteria.


Is a 100% Kuwaiti incontinence briefs brand for adults, protect our loved ones who have bladder weakness or urinary incontinence from bedwetting all over night, keeping them active & comfort whole day.

Designed with adhesive securely strips and can be easily removed, worn like regular underwear for daily freshness


Hygienically manufactured using soft fabrics and other basic material with good quality, Designed with skin-friendly top sheet, these pads provide extra dryness and comfort.


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