YIYITOOLS Titanium Jobber Drill Bit Set 13 Pcs 1/16\\

YIYITOOLS Titanium Jobber Drill Bit Set 13 Pcs 1/16\\

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[Specifications and packaging]:13 Piece twist drill bit set M35 HSS fully grinding. Include size:1/16\\\”,5/64\\\”,3/32\\\” ,7/64\\\”,1/8\\\”,9/64\\\”,11/64\\\”13/64\\\”,7/32\\\”,3/16\\\”,5/32\\\”,1/4\\\”,15/64\\\” all in matel case.
[Fitment]:The jobber drill bit set is particularly successful in cutting hard metals such as stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, hard plastics and wood, and can also be used on softer materials.Can be connected to a reversible drill to remove screws, bolts and studs around houses, garages or work sites.
[Material]:The metal drill bit set is constructed of high speed steel cobalt alloy material to provide extreme durability and ensure long service life, allowing the bit to be used multiple times.
[Advantage]:Twist drill bit set 135-degree double back twist design increases cutting speed while being easy to self-align and prevents movement. By saying goodbye to all these debris and particles, the bit can quickly remove them and leave a clean, smooth hole.
[Quick Replacement, Safe Installation]:Jobber Titanium drill bit fits into all power tools more easily and securely.



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