Milk Vending Machine

Milk Vending Machine

$5,600 - $9,600 /- Unit

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Principle features of our Milk Vending Machines
Capacity : 50 L, 100 L, 200 L and 400 L

Stainless milk tank

Hygienic design

Special milk pump to prevent foaming

After each filling, the washed filling unit

Air barrier systems for fly  and insects

Intelligent cooling system

Ability to see milk temperature on the screen

The amount of milk in the tank can be seen on the screen
Optional features of our machines
Non-returnable coin payment mechanism

Paper money and credit card

Recharged payment cards systems

Barcode and plug module for supermarkets

Possibility to clean location with CIP option for your projects, an application of special wood and metal case

Installing the CIP system for your tanks


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