DZB-360 Whenzhou Fully Antomatic Single Color Plasticine Play Dough Packaging Machine

DZB-360 Whenzhou Fully Antomatic Single Color Plasticine Play Dough Packaging Machine

$10,000 - $12,000 /- Unit

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Product Featrues

This machine is by extrusion molding spit cutting And then automatically packaging Date printing The entire automated packing speed Packaging products and beautiful Save labor costs, etc At first use servo crowded spit cutting device weighs grams of plus
or minus 1% grams high measuring accuracy Cutting and simply, use open box structure Clean up fast and convenient, suitable for light mud type of super light clay molding cutting and packing Take the lead in using new type of servo feed system packaging speed Tracking accuracy To solve the domestic light mud packaging waste material The packing is difficult Technical difficulties of running speed is slow This machine is simple operation Easy to use, can also be customized a variety of monochrome or
polychromatic molding packaging production line.
Color machine, color clay as cutting machine, traction device: its role as evenly traction system, and carries on the control on the section size of the product, make steady extrusion process
Sizing system, its role is to squeeze out the color of mud from the nose shape according to the established stabilized, to finishing, to get more accurate cross section shape, size, and the surface of the light.
Color mud extruder control part, adopt advanced PLC, its powerful control function and flexible modular structure can meet the control of various types of extrusion equipment, can be in our packing unit into choi clay production line; The man-machine interface, large screen color display, is functional and convenient to clean a device for monitoring and operation; Part speed
control using variable frequency speed regulating device, using the superior performance of vector control, to ensure the smooth and synchronous extrusion equipment parts.
In order to prevent the barrel by extrusion friction heat, the temperature is too high to make color mud fever, USES the cooling device, use the cooling water tank, spray cooling.


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