Diamond Polishing pads

Diamond Polishing pads

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Do you want to improve your productivity for your projects?Please contact me for the diamond tools.

They are economical but perform great for wet polishing of granite and marble.
50# 100# 200# 400# 800# 1500# 3000#
Or you can contact us for the grit size you need, we will make the special solution for you !

Package :   10 pieces/white box
Diameter :   4 inch/ 100mm, Inner hole 12mm
Material :  diamond and resin
Workable Thickness: 2.5mm

Strong grinding force, good durability
Excellent clarity, gloss, soft degree
does not change in the color of the stone itself, with glazing fast, good brightness and not fade

This item is self-adhesive on the hoop and look self adhesive back sanding pad, and suitable for grinding stone, ground tile, ceramic.
Suitable for stone polishing, line chamfer, the arc plate and special-shaped stone processing. it can also be used for processing, repairing and renovating marble, concrete, cement floor, terrazzo, glass ceramics, artificial stone, tiles, glazed tiles, vitrified tiles

User manual:
Use them  from coarse to fine, the final polishing.
The whole process takes water to cool fully, but in the polishing stage,water should not be too much.


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